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3 Things Every Worship Leader Should Do

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When I am preparing to lead worship, there are 3 things I think about. Are the lyrics I’m leading biblical? Are the words you’re about to ask your congregation to sing along with actually true. I think this an important question that some worship leaders might overlook. Sometimes it’s because we like the melody, the […]



Dove Nomination for Michael

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Michael received a Dove Award nomination for Inspirational Song of the Year for the song “The Other Side”. The Dove Awards will be held October 15th in Nashville, TN.



New EP on Itunes!

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Go to Itunes and download the new album today!  Thanks for all your support.   CLICK HERE



What Would Jesus Undo?

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We’ve all heard the question ‘what would Jesus do?’ We wore the bracelets, the t-shirts and even asked ourselves that question as a way to make sure our beliefs matched up with our actions. But have you ever thought about the question “What Would Jesus Un-do?” What would He undo in the world we live […]